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FEB Home is the home automation of FEB Elettrica and represents a new way of designing the electrical system. FEB Home broadens the design possibilities and makes life easier and more convenient, by using a unique system technology, the FEB Bus. A system created on the FEB Bus can be applied in any environment, both residential and commercial, with advanced solutions in terms of comfort, safety, energy saving and control, either local or remote. The modularity of installation and the functional integration of different devices gives you the freedom to choose which applications to adopt now and which to integrate in the future, without major structural modification and with an excellent cost efficency.


The home automation system FEB Home is the ideal choice for anyone looking to add automation to their home, to enable it to adapt to their mood and their needs. With FEB Home you will be able to create multiple scenarios to control the lighting and the temperature of the rooms of your home, based on the time of the day, on your preferences, or also automatically, with lighting and temperature sensors. FEB Home will allow you to automate the blinds and the awnings and any other load you might want to add, like the watering system for your lawn, in example. FEB Home enables you to manage remotely every function implemented in your home. We should not forget energy saving either, because with FEB Home you can also check in every moment the energy consumption and the loads attached to your system.

FEB Home is not only limited to residential solutions: the power and the flexibility of the system make it perfect also for professional applications and for the whole tertiary sector. With FEB Home you can control in a very simple, yet complete way the automation of offices, hospitals, shopping centers, stores, etc… Just a few examples:FEB Home enables the management of the lighting system of offices or hospitals both with pre-programmed scenarios or automatically, with lighting and IR sensors. Controlling the blinds and managing the temperature in every area of the system is extremely easy and can be programmed in any way you like. With FEB Home you can also control access to restricted areas in places such as offices, stores, laboratories, by using programmable magnetic keys.
FEB Home means convenience, too, because it doesn’t simply allow to manage the automation of the entire system, but also to control the electrical loads and to reduce energy consumption.


– Lighting control
– RGB dimming and management
– Temperature control
– Loads management
– Shutters and awnings control
– Small automations management
– Accesso control
– Remote management


– Lighting control
– Constant light control
– Consumption control
– Temperature management
– Windows and skylights control
– Remote management


– Rooms management and control
– Bathroom alarms management
– Temperature management
– Common areas management
– Remote management


– Lighting control
– Constant light management
– Consumption control
– Loads management
– Temperature management
– Windows and skylights control
– Management of small automations
– Access control for secure areas
– Remote management


– Temperature control
– Common areas management
– Shutters control
– Access control for secure areas

FEB Home app

The FEB Home system can be managed both remotely and from inside your home with a dedicated app. The app is available both for Android and for iOS. It it of course possible to control the system also from a PC with any web browser. The ease of use has driven the development of the app: we have used the most recent guidelines suggested by Google for the layout and the menu usage. Anyone using Google apps will be right at home with the FEB Home app.

The app starts with a customizable home page that from a single page gives you an overall look of the entire home and lets you quickly activate the most common automation scenario.

All the functions and the objects controlled by the app can be browsed either by area (e.g.: day or night area) or by floors and rooms or by object category (lights, sockets, etc..) according to what is most convenient at the moment.

The app lets you make the most of the potential offered by the FEB Home system. You can create complex scenarios, hourly programming without constraints on the number of objects or the time intervals and even use the advanced energy management system we have created. The hourly programming can adapt the home to your rhithms, matching your daily routines, or to execute tasks on your behalf when you are not at home. A further and very important application is to create elaborate programs to execute throughout the day, when in example you are on vacation, to simulate your presence at home and discourage thieves from attempting anything.

The energy management module of FEB Air not only lets you monitor the electrical consumption with a detailed graph and historical data, but also lets you check as you are approaching the consumption threshold set by your energy provider and automatically disconnect the less critical loads. With these advanced functions you can begin to be truly energy efficient in your habits and to save money. Not crossing the maximum energy consumption threshold set by your energy provider prevents those energy disconnect events that can leave your home without electricity.

FEB Service Tool

The programming software FEB Service Tool has been designed to make it easier and faster to create a new project. The program uses a very simple and convenient wizard that assists the technician in all the steps of the creation of a new project. This program is so easy that in just a couple of hours it is possible to learn to use it and to be independent in creating your first system.
What makes it even easier and convenient to use our software is that all the programming for an installation can be done entirely offline and then downloaded in the modules once you are onsite at the project location.

A few simple pages guide you through every step of the installation. The time necessary to learn the system and to create a new installation has been minimized.

FEB Home functions

System potential

The FEB protocol has been created specifically for home automation applications with the aim to provide high performances and a reliable communication between the system components. For the wiring it’s only necessary to use three polarized wires (two wires with 0.5 mm^2 minimum section and one with 0.22 mm^2 for the data line).
The maximum extension of the system is up to the order of a thousand meters, when using wires with an adequate section and following the usual installation guidelines. The addition of more power supplies is very easy and the power supplies can be linked in parallel with no constraints.
The data transfer speed is 38.4 Kb/s and therefore for each line it’s possible to install over a hundred modules. Additionally the FEB protocol can manage over 250 commands per second, making it ideal also for large structures. An optimal management of data traffic on the bus drastically reduces the risk of data collisions, quickly solves the conflicts and virtually eliminates the risk of data loss.
Each individual load can be independently controlled from any number of command points. Additional features of the system are:
– possibility to manage both analog and digital inputs;
– outputs can be programmed to execute complex actions;
– very fast programming of replacement parts;
– possibility to expand gradually the system.

Types of inputs

Switch: The behavior is that of a regular switch with the two stable states, open and closed.
Push button: It behaves like a button, that can be set as normally open or normally closed.
Variator: This type of input generates an increasing or decreasing signal.
Sensor: In this mode the system manages the input of one of the several sensors of the installation.
Alarm: This type of input enables the activation of specific functions when the contact is closed.

Types of outputs

Inputs and outputs can be freely coupled and additionally various command points can control the same output with different functions.

They types of output are that are available are:
Relay: Relays are available rated at either 6A or 16A.
Dimmer 500W: This output allows to control dimmable loads with 230Vac power supply up to 500W.
PWM: This output manages through PWM signals dimmable loads with low tension DC power supply.
LED: It is possible to control directly small LED signal lights with power supply up to 10mA.
Uscita 0-10: With this output it is possible to manage loads with 0-10V drivers with a maximum output current of 20mA per channel (approx. 10-20 drivers per channels).

System layout

The connections between the components are managed by the FEB Service Tool and therefore it’s not necessary to take into account any special limitations for the topology of the system. It is possible to use either linear, star o mixed layouts without any issues.

Linear connection

Star connection

Mixed connection