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The call systems of FEB Elettrica are used in hospitals, health care centers, nursing homes, schools and in many other applications where acoustic or light signals for emergency or normal calls are needed. They have been well known for a long time for their security and convenience. The series: digital with 2 or 4 wires, with LED lights, or with falling tags can be applied for up to 99 calls to give the user a personalized solution.


Optical-acoustic signaling device equipped with 9V buffer battery rechargeable and replaceable by a qualified installer.
Thanks to the rechargeable battery, operation is guaranteed even in absence of mains voltage.
Activates the optical and acoustic signal after closing one of the two
call inputs and disables it after closing the reset contact.
The signaling can also be repeated thanks to a relay equipped with an output with potential-free contacts.
The acoustic signal can be deactivated by means of a dip-switch.
• Power supply voltage: 230Vac
• Built-in power supply
• Max absorbed power: 2W
• Visibility: Over 10mt
• Acoustic alarm intensity: 60dB at 1m
• Output contact: N / O type 10A – 250V
• Operating temperature: 0 ° C + 50 ° C
• 850 ° self-extinguishing PC container.
• Weight: 0.1Kg
• Type of fixing: box 503
• Double call input
• Reset contact
• LAB anti-bacterial plaque